Advanced Game Technologies

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Mini Golf Game
Part A

  • Your program should be capable of allowing the player to play at least TWO golf levels, selectable by pressing keys on program startup.
  • Each level should spawn in a player ball that can be pushed around with with the mouse or keyboard, and the level should be ‘completed’ if the player touches a ‘goal’ object with the ball.
  • The number of ‘pushes’ should be kept track of, to allow players to try and beat their personal best at each level.
  • The player should be able to, at any time, press the R key to ‘reset’ the level, or press the B key to move the in game camera to where their ball is.
  • At least one of the levels must have interactable objects – moving platforms or walls, spinning obstacles, or randomly patrolling ‘enemies’ that reset the ball if they touch it are examples of these interactions.

Part B

  • The game area should now also contain an AI-controlled robot
  • Players should be informed by an on-screen message whenever the robot is destroyed, or has respawned. To chase after the ball, an appropriate pathfinding algorithm should be implemented.